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The Information we collect

Location information

Information regarding your location may be recorded and used when visiting a site that hosts one of our ads. We do this in order to make sure that the ads you are viewing are within a close range to your location.

Device Information

Data regarding the specific machine and operating system you use etc. is recorded.

Cookies and Anonymous Identifiers

In order to obtain and collect data, we will record and hold information when a site hosting one of our Ads is visited. This could result in one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers being sent to your device.

What we do with the information we collect

The data collected is obtained in order to ensure you are served with ads that are applicable to your location/interest, as well as to provide advertisers with the option to record their conversions if need be.

Information Security

We monitor and adjust our data collection, storage and processing practices to prevent unauthorised access to our systems.

We restrict internal access to this information to authorized personnel only.

Data Collection/ Usage & Ad Targeting Practices and Capabilities

No Personal Identifiable Information is collected or manipulated in any way.

We do not support age targeting thereby preventing isolated targeting of minors.

No impression-level data is obtained for subsequent use or targeting.

We use no other method of geo-location other than IP matching.

We do not do any browser packet sniffing.

Browser or device fingerprinting is not supported/used.

We don’t allow any 3rd parties to add or manipulate cookies in any way.

Flash cookies are not supported not used.

Impression-level page scrapping is not permitted.

Your IP address is not used for anything other than to determine your location.

Data Ownership/Selling

We do not share any of the data we collect with any 3rd parties.

We do not sell or trade any of the data that we collect.

Cookie Usage, Cookie Matching, and Cookie Lifetime

We use cookies for our own targeting purposes only and do not match our cookies with those of any 3rd parties.

Our cookies do not live longer than 2 years.

We cannot access your machine nor the cookies we’ve stored on it unless you are visiting our site or one of the sites that have our ad tags on it.

The Following Information gets stored on our Advertising Platform

If you ever click on our ad, a cookie is created. If you are interested in the product or service being advertised and continue to sign up or complete a contact-us form, we use a cookie to match the lead to the click – the cookie is then removed.

Some cookies are used to make sure you don’t see the same ad too many times.

A cookie is used to check if you have seen our ads before so that we can attempt different ads tailored more to your interests.

Some cookies are used to assist us in detecting a click when one of our publishers is using legacy systems.

The Following Information gets stored on our Main Website

3 cookies are used to determine if you are logged in or not

An additional secure cookie is created if you click the “Remember me” option

Post login, we store some cookies to remember your selected date range, language preference, etc – these improve your experience of our logged-in area

Refund Policy 

We do not refund money for service that can be delivered but if you make payment in error it will be refunded, we will replace or compensate users but no refund. 

How to Remove our Cookies

To remove cookies, follow this link which explains exactly how to remove cookies for any site in any browser.