This time last year, I was having a conversation with my sister, Tito. She attends the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

She told me how some brands hit their best sales by going all out to showcase their products on the reality TV show, she sighted some brands and concluded that Big Brother 9ja the reality TV show is demonic and I indulged her…

“Why do you say so, ma’am?”

And she went on and on about how it has some sexual this and that.

How it also keeps people too glued and addicted which equals satanism.


When a lot of people hear opinions that don’t sync with their beliefs they run.

If you see a fellow that says “I hate Jesus Christ” and you’re a Christian, you will most likely just leave that place or get pissed.

But for me, I always ask WHY.

Asking WHY has made me so much money(knowledge) and I’d advise you to learn it.

Almost everybody talks about the negatives of the biggest reality TV show in Africa but nobody seems to talk about the money.

I had a chat with my neighbor that works in an advertising agency, and she said something that amazed me.

She said to me how her brands hit their target for the year.

Do you remember when Piggyvest launched another product called Pocket App by Piggyvest?

Yes, Piggyvest advertised that product on Big Brother 9ja, and the product went from:

40,000 users to 2 Million users.


Piggyvest got 50 TIMES their users because they advertised on Big Brother 9ja.

Even if Piggyvest makes ten dollars a whole year from these users.

It means they went from making: $400,000 to $20 Million.

Learn this today;

The money is in information.

Learn to question things around you.

Learn to get the right information from people.

Big Brother starts this week again and a lot of people will come online to say trash.

You do not need to watch (I barely have time to)

But you need to ask yourself why this show got 1.3 Billion votes from Africans in 2021.

“Why are people so interested?

Can you show me the money behind??”

Learn to think like a money-making machine & not follow the crowd to tweet rubbish so you will sound superior or sophisticated.

Now that you understand the remarkable opportunities that Big Brother 9ja offers, let me tell you about Links and Metrics and why partnering with Links and Metrics is the key to upscaling your brand’s success.

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What do I mean by targeted audiences?

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Partner with Links and Metrics, and watch your business soar to new heights. To explore the countless opportunities awaiting you, visit today.

Have a great week ahead.

Stay intentional.

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